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Whatever your trading style, Autochartist’s range of tools enables you to support your research and trading decisions with a user-friendly technical analysis package. As well as scanning the markets, Autochartist identifies technical chart-pattern formations such as triangles, wedges, tops and bottoms.

Autochartist helps you monitor trends and patterns

Trends and patterns take time to identify and monitor “manually”. Autochartist provides chart-pattern alerts automatically, in real time, every 15 minutes or at intervals you choose. All reports are displayed in a simple format for easy identification of both emerging and completed patterns, helping you capitalise on opportunities and trade with more confidence.

You can easily personalise the reports

You can personalise the Autochartist interface by selecting just the pre-defined timeframes and instruments required. On top of that, you can add more indicators as you gain experience and confidence.

You’ll get analysis on multiple timeframes

Autochartist analyses market data across multiple timeframes. As a price changes, the most recent chart patterns are updated and you continue to receive alerts as a pattern develops. The quality of each pattern alert is clearly displayed and supported with indicators showing the initial trend, clarity and uniformity of the pattern.

Autochartist helps you identify past trends

Autochartist identifies both the support and resistance levels that influence emerging and complete patterns with indications of the general direction of price movement as well as past trends. The pattern types support both trend and swing trading. Emerging patterns help swing traders capitalise on the movements between support and resistance levels, while complete patterns help trend traders to time trades post-breakout.

You can get live scans and patterns throughout the day

Whether trading part-time or full-time, you will benefit from the availability of live scans and pattern alerts through the day, for as long as the market is open.

Autochartist is available free of charge for all Alpari UK Live clients. If you have a Demo account, you can sign up for a 14-day trial.

To access all the features and benefits of Autochartist, including forex charts, log in to MyAlpari.

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