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Forex rollover/interest policy 

If you trade forex on a "spot" basis, all trades settle two business days from inception, as per market convention. The settlement date is referred to as the value date.

Alpari UK offers "rolling spot" forex. This means we don't arrange physical delivery of currencies/precious metals, hence all positions left open from 23:59:45 to 23:59:59 (server time) will be rolled over to a new value date. As a result, positions are subject to a swap charge or credit as specified in the table below.

Note: When you roll an open position from Wednesday to Thursday on trade date basis, Monday of the following week becomes the new value date, not Saturday. Therefore, the rollover charge on a Wednesday evening will be three times the value indicated in the table.

Last updated: 02/09/2014 16:18

AUDCAD+0.370 Pips-0.600 Pips
AUDCHF+0.500 Pips-0.760 Pips
AUDJPY+0.570 Pips-0.850 Pips
AUDNZD-0.280 Pips+0.130 Pips
AUDSGD+0.640 Pips-0.940 Pips
AUDUSD+0.510 Pips-0.770 Pips
AUDZAR-10.290 Pips+1.140 Pips
CADCHF+0.150 Pips-0.280 Pips
CADJPY+0.170 Pips-0.320 Pips
CADSGD+0.090 Pips-0.310 Pips
CHFJPY-0.050 Pips-0.030 Pips
CHFSGD-0.100 Pips-0.290 Pips
EURAUD-1.240 Pips+0.850 Pips
EURCAD-0.470 Pips+0.280 Pips
EURCHF-0.030 Pips-0.020 Pips
EURDKK-0.590 Pips-0.120 Pips
EURGBP-0.130 Pips+0.070 Pips
EURHKD-0.520 Pips-0.140 Pips
EURILS+0.000 Pips+0.000 Pips
EURJPY-0.060 Pips-0.020 Pips
EURMXN-17.880 Pips+8.750 Pips
EURNOK-4.110 Pips+2.080 Pips
EURNZD-1.690 Pips+1.170 Pips
EURPLN-3.380 Pips+2.280 Pips
EURSEK-1.010 Pips+0.210 Pips
EURSGD-0.130 Pips+0.000 Pips
EURTRY-7.650 Pips+4.750 Pips
EURUSD-0.120 Pips+0.030 Pips
EURZAR-26.200 Pips+15.880 Pips
GBPAUD-1.330 Pips+0.880 Pips
GBPCAD-0.370 Pips+0.160 Pips
GBPCHF+0.100 Pips-0.250 Pips
GBPHKD+0.880 Pips-1.990 Pips
GBPJPY+0.110 Pips-0.280 Pips
GBPNOK-3.860 Pips+1.550 Pips
GBPNZD-1.870 Pips+1.280 Pips
GBPSEK+0.140 Pips-1.280 Pips
GBPSGD+0.070 Pips-0.490 Pips
GBPUSD+0.050 Pips-0.200 Pips
GBPZAR-30.710 Pips+16.930 Pips
HKDJPY-0.050 Pips-0.090 Pips
MXNJPY+5.840 Pips-8.300 Pips
NOKJPY+0.030 Pips-0.080 Pips
NOKSEK+0.210 Pips-0.520 Pips
NZDCAD+0.470 Pips-0.720 Pips
NZDCHF+0.560 Pips-0.820 Pips
NZDJPY+0.640 Pips-0.930 Pips
NZDSGD+0.370 Pips-1.050 Pips
NZDUSD+0.580 Pips-0.860 Pips
NZDZAR-7.450 Pips+3.840 Pips
SEKJPY+0.000 Pips-0.050 Pips
SGDJPY+0.020 Pips-0.140 Pips
USDCAD-0.320 Pips+0.150 Pips
USDCHF+0.010 Pips-0.080 Pips
USDCNH-5.200 Pips-0.700 Pips
USDDKK-0.230 Pips-0.480 Pips
USDHKD+0.030 Pips-0.640 Pips
USDILS+0.000 Pips+0.000 Pips
USDJPY+0.000 Pips-0.090 Pips
USDMXN-13.130 Pips+6.130 Pips
USDNOK-2.890 Pips+1.270 Pips
USDPLN-2.460 Pips+1.570 Pips
USDRUB-9.640 Pips+6.120 Pips
USDSEK-0.510 Pips-0.260 Pips
USDSGD-0.130 Pips-0.020 Pips
USDTRY-5.740 Pips+3.660 Pips
USDZAR-19.560 Pips+12.450 Pips
ZARJPY+0.120 Pips-0.200 Pips

Risk warning: Forex, spread bets and CFDs are high risk and losses can exceed your investment.